Root Canal Treatment

Oral health impacts not only teeth but also general health directly. In case if we don't pay attention to our oral care, our health starts getting poorly affected. Furthermore, tooth losses cause damages to another intact tooth day by day. Therefore, precaution has to be taken and missing teeth in the mouth have to be filled. Decay that starts on tooth surface should be treated and kept under control of the dentist. One of the treatment methods that is used frequently to prevent tooth loss is known as root canal treatment. 

Root canal treatment is a highly effective treatment method for repairing and recovering a severely decayed or infected tooth.

How root canal treatment is done?

During the root canal treatment, the nerve and tooth extract (pulp) are removed and the internal part of the tooth is cleaned and then filled. This method, which usually causes fears among people, is very healthy and effective for saving the tooth and preventing tooth loss. 

Root canal treatment is a treatment that should be started early. Starting treatment early is very important for saving the tooth. For example, if the aching tooth is neglected for a long time and the necessary precautions are not taken, the infection may spread to the surrounding tissues. This causes both the loss of the existing tooth and the decay of the other teeth.

The teeth that are applied to root canal treatment have a long life and nd require daily care like other healthy teeth.

In case oral care is neglected, it should be remembered that treated teeth can also be decayed.

Who Can Have Root Canal Treatment? When Is It Too Late For a Root Canal Treatment?

If the inflammation in the tooth surrounds the tooth surface, unfortunately, canal treatment cannot be used and tooth extraction is done.

In the case of tooth pain and decay, the dentist should be seen. If hot and cold food-beverage sensitivity and tingling, sudden and generally unrelated pain, abscess formation is observed on teeth, it should be evaluated by a dentist and an appropriate treatment plan should be determined.

How long does a root canal treatment usually take?

Health is a personal situation. Therefore, it would be inaccurate to talk about a situation and time that could be the same for everyone. After the examination, the dentist who decides for root canal treatment will first prepare the tooth for treatment. For instance, some medicines may be needed to dry the inflammation of the tooth and open the channels. In such cases, these medicines can be placed in the related place and should be waited for a while. Your doctor will inform you about the best and healthiest time interval and make the most appropriate treatment plan for you.