Today, many people go to the dentist due to aesthetical concerns. In most of these examinations, serious problems are observed by dentists. Mostly, these problems are related to the mouth and jaw structure of the person. For this reason, beyond the aesthetical concerns, there is a field called orthodontics, which deals with the prevention of gum diseases and many other disorders that may occur in the future. For example, it aims to prevent problems in the jaw joint to provide a better chewing function and eliminate speech disorders. 

Orthodontics is a field that helps to improve the quality of life of the people by improving the function of the jaw and teeth and providing a more aesthetic appearance. In other words, this field is concerned with the proper alignment of teeth and tooth surfaces both aesthetically and healthily. Putting brackets, transparent splints, jaw expander, dental placeholders, retainers are the orthodontic treatment methods. Orthodontics should be applied in situations where the upper and lower teeth are in the front or back relative to other teeth due to thumb sucking, usage of baby’s bottle or nipple for a long time, loss of milk teeth earlier than its time, crooked teeth and crooked jaw structure or the genetic structure of the mouth and teeth.

Why Should I Have An Orthodontic Treatment?

If the orthodontic problems are not threatened, it will get worse by time and lead to cleaning problems in the teeth because of crooked teeth regardless of the age of the person. This situation will also lead to tooth decays and gingival diseases and then, loss of teeth. It is also possible that the tooth surfaces may be abraded, gingival tissues may get damaged or difficulties in chewing and speaking may be observed.

Orthodontic Treatment Methods

After the examination of the orthodontist, the necessary method is determined. Orthodontic Treatment Methods: Brackets, transparent splint, jaw expander, dental placeholders, retainers.

Putting Brackets On: Bracket is the name of the part through which the dental brace will go through. It is shaped like a small rectangular and sticks to the tooth. It treats the tooth structure by helping the brace to transmit force to the tooth. It’s also known as bracing.

Transparent Walksplint: It has the same purpose with the bracket. Instead of having braces attached, the treatment is administered by using a transparent splint.

Jaw Expander: This treatment method is applied to the upper and lower jaws to provide the correct opening and closing of the jaws and widening the jaw.

Dental Placeholder: The placeholders used in this method protect the cavity of the missing tooth by preventing the movement of the other teeth.

Retainers: It is used to maintain the new position of the teeth after orthodontic treatment.

Do Not Postpone Your Oral Health

After orthodontic treatment, the person eats and drinks freely. His smile becomes more aesthetic thanks to the new jaw structure. Loss of teeth is prevented. And, the patient becomes happier in his social life.