Smile Design

The perception of beauty and aesthetics is changing gradually as the changing world. we also change in parallel with the changing perception of beauty and aesthetics. Also, changing factors such as social life, social media, social circle affect our mentality. Change is mandatory in modern times.

When you look at your beloved ones or yourself in the mirror, you feel like you need to hide your smile but you don’t need to. Your smile is as beautiful as yourself. However, you may be annoyed due to some situations. You hide your smile Even if you don't need it. Then, you start searching for aesthetic treatment methods to find a better solution. We believe beauty is in the eye of the beholders. So, do not hide your smile. If it will make you feel better, we are here to offer you a solution. For example; Smile Design. So, what is this smile aesthetic?

How To Plan A Smile Design Treatment?

The smile design is personal as the smile itself. first of all, the desired appearance of the patient who applies to the physician with complaints about her appearance is determined. For this determination, the things that the patient feels dissatisfied in her life and about her appearance are analyzed by listening to the patient. Just then, a plan is drawn by equalizing the tooth lengths and determining the colors in the digital environment.

After examination of the physician, the smile design plan is applied to the patient if there is no need for orthodontic and surgical dental treatments, If there is a need for an orthodontic or surgical dental treatment, it’s recommended to treat those first. 


If the joint disorder is detected during the examination, it should be threatened first. Genetic joint disorders can impair the aesthetics of the smile. So, these disorders should be threatened before the design of the smile. Some of the disorders can be threatened in a very short time by orthopedic therapy while it’s essential to perform surgical operations due to some disorders in the jaw. For example, if the jaw development has decreased or increased vertically, even the expression may also change. While some disorders can be corrected in a short time with the orthopedic treatment applied by the physician, some surgical procedures should be performed in some disorders in the jaw. Happy smiles are waiting for you after all these transactions.


Happy Smiles With Smile Design

Smile design has a significant impact on the quality of life. People who prefer this method to have more beautiful smiles have more natural-looking and teeth chime in with their jaw. The color of all teeth becomes shinier and the gums look healthier. Fractures on the teeth are fixed for a beautiful shining smile.