Dental Veneers

The reason for the damage on the teeth is broken, cracked, decayed and/or crooked teeth. If these damages occur, there is a need for coating the teeth. However, the coating can also be applied for aesthetic reasons such as broken or yellowish teeth. It’s easy to have an aesthetic mouth structure or dentition with dental veneer methods.

People always want to have a natural-looking when it comes to teeth, especially for the foretooth. The main reason for this is that the appearance of an artificial look of the tooth makes the person feel uncomfortable as well as the other person. Therefore, dental veneers should always be done in a way that gives natural results.

How To Make Dental Veneer?

You may be giving due importance to your dental health, but you may also feel uncomfortable in some situations. Although you do not set your dental care back, sometimes your teeth may be worn, decayed or deformed due to different and genetic factors. In such cases, you seek treatment and a solution. The dental veneer is one of the preferred methods to achieve a healthy and aesthetic appearance of the mouth.

A dental veneer is defined as coatings that are aesthetically bonded by using strong adhesives in the form of teeth after necessary treatments are applied to the teeth and gives the person a natural appearance. The main Dental veneer methods are as follows: Porcelain veneer, Metal Backed Porcelain veneer, Zirconium veneer, Crown veneer. The choice of the method is determined by the examination of your doctor and the condition of your tooth

Why is Veneering Important? Which One Is The Best Method That I Can Choose?

The dental veneering process should be done by a skilled and knowledgeable person. If an incorrect veneering is not compatible with the gingiva, bruising and bleeding will occur on the gums. Many problems such as bleeding gingiva, bad breath, and gingival recession may also occur.

Porcelain Laminated Veneers: Porcelain laminated veneers are known as a highly preferred method. In this method, the veneers are formed after being prepared in the form of leaves and then adhered to the teeth. Thus, problems such as fracture, skewness and little deformations are prohibited.

Metal Backed Porcelain Veneers: Unlike porcelain veneers, the leaves are placed by placing a metal mixture before they are bonded to the tooth surface.

Zirconium Veneers: This method gives extremely natural results and thus, a natural tooth appearance. The discoloration is not observed in this long-lasting method.

Crown Veneers: It is the method followed by the filing of all surfaces, rather than only one surface of the tooth, by placing the veneer on the tooth like a hat.