Dental Scaling

Oral health affects not only our teeth but also our general health. If we do not pay the necessary attention to our oral care, our whole body starts to be affected negatively. On the other hand, tooth loss, tooth decay, tooth fracture, changes in color and in the long run, lead to damage to other teeth.

You may be taking care of your oral health, but you may still feel uncomfortable about some situations. In such cases, you hide your smile even it’s not necessary. At this point, you start searching for treatment methods to shine your smile. And that’s the solution that you are looking for: Dental Scaler!

What Is Dental Scaling And How Does It Work?

Most commonly, the dental scaler is observed on the fore-teeth of the lower jawbone and the upper first grinder teeth. The reason for this is related to salivary glands. The salivary gland and parotitis cause the formation of the dental scaler there.

The structures that consist of minerals in the saliva and plaques collected on the tooth are called dental scalers. Cleaning of the dental scaler is known as scaling and eliminates the formations of the saliva and plaques. If the regular cleaning is not done every 6 months, there is a chance of having a gum inflammation (gingivitis) and gum disease. This results in gum disease and the loss of jawbones in an advanced stage. 

Dental scaling is done in half an hour at most depending on the condition of the teeth. After scaling, the last step is the usage of another substance for the cleaning. There is no pain during this procedure. However, you may feel hot-cold intolerance but this sensitivity disappears within one week at most.

A Step For Better Health: Dental Scaling

Scaling is a procedure that can be applied to every adult person moreover, it does no harm. Although scaling can be seen in every human, it depends on the enzymes and wastes left behind the food that we eat. It is the accumulation of wastes and other substances due to enzymes and microorganisms. These substances increase incrementally and perceptibly every day. And, accumulate between the gingiva and tooth enamel and increase the health risk due to the bacterias that are feeding there. Dental scaling is a procedure that you should apply every 6 months for your health: Let's strengthen your oral health.