Teeth Whitening

Everybody wants to have white teeth. The most important reason for this is that our teeth have a significant effect on our look and change our appearance aesthetically. The perception of beauty is renewed all the time along with a changing world. We all want to have a pleasant look all the time even in the moments when we are alone with ourselves. It annoys us when we look in a mirror by showing our teeth smilingly and feel like we need to hide our smile. Just then, whitening treatment methods come to the help of us to have a brighter smile: Teeth Whitening.

This procedure is applied to people who have yellowish teeth or dark stains over time due to cigarette, medicine, fizzy drinks, tea and coffee consumption in their teeth. The process of bleaching the teeth between 8 and 13 tons is called teeth bleaching or teeth whitening.

How Does Tooth Whitening Work?

Our teeth are directly affected by everything that we eat and drink during the day. Sometimes, even if we do our dental care regularly, we may have teeth darkening due to the tea, coffee, wine, cigarettes, fizzy drinks, and many other products that we consume every day. Also, drugs and antibiotics that we have to take in some treatments may change the color of our teeth. Therefore, we need teeth whitening. This procedure is divided into three main groups: Home type tooth whitening, office type tooth whitening, combined tooth whitening.

Home type teeth whitening is done by the dentist taking the oral measurements of the patient and forming the tooth impression, and then adding a certain amount of whitening gel to the impression. The impression needs to be used for an average of 2 hours per day. This treatment lasts approximately two weeks.

Office Type Teeth Whitening: In this method, the gel is applied by the dentist by using a laser. The laser activates the gel. This treatment may be even last in one session depending on the color of the tooth. 

Combined Teeth Whitening: It is a combination of home and office whitening methods for very dark-colored teeth. 

You Deserve A Beautiful Smile

After teeth whitening, the teeth can protect themselves for three to four years. You can apply this procedure once a year to prevent the teeth from returning to their old dark color and you can have white teeth with the treatments applied in much shorter periods. If you go to interim treatments and do not neglect your oral care, your white teeth will be with you every time you smile.